"Mother's Fateful Choice". 

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Jacob worked hard for that, of course, but his mother worked even harder-hundreds of times harder. She worked hard to change their attitudes, making sure they pledged repeatedly not to kill Jacob. How much rested upon Rebecca! She fulfilled a vital mission to make the restoration possible. (244:240-41, February 14, 1993)
                                             World Scripture II, History of God's Providence, p. 471 

Dear Friend,
At last Sunday's service, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim spoke powerfully and movingly about "Putting on the Armor of God."
Putting on the Armor of God
"Putting on the Armor of God" 6/7/15 Service

Mother's Fateful Choice
We are having a valuable discussion about the role of women and the nature of God in the Unification Movement. Of course this discussion is taking place throughout the world. Some of it is very painful, dealing with the horrific mistreatment of women throughout history. Some of it is hopeful, as women reflect on their own gifts, identity and relationship with God.
There is one strain of thought that the world will change when women take up leadership roles in the political arena, in business, in culture and the arts, in society and so on. Of course there are many gifted and brilliant women who can contribute in these areas.
But there is another area of influence that women have that is just as, if not more, important, namely the influence of women in their families. While it is a sign of progress that women are increasingly free to pursue careers of their own, our society will suffer if women forget the powerful influence they have in their families. An instructive example is one Semitic mother who chose to exercise that influence thousands of years ago, which allowed the lineage of the Messiah to be established, thereby affecting the whole human race to this day.
In the World Scriptures II book, True Father describes Rebecca's crucial role in helping her son, Jacob, to fulfill his destiny and persuading the rest of the family to do so as well. It is clear from Father's words and the Biblical text that Rebecca has greater insight and awareness of God's providence than her husband, and she uses this insight not to elevate herself, but to help her son Jacob succeed in his mission to continue the lineage centered on God.
Father spoke countless times about two things: 1) The importance of reading his wordsthrough daily hoon dok hae and 2) the importance of lineage, with repeated references to Tamar's risking her life to bear a child from the line of Judah. I would often wonder, "WHY is he constantly talking about this?" Well, now I understand.
I feel deep affection for Mother, knowing that she spent more than five decades of her life at the side of the human "blowtorch" known as Sun Myung Moon. Few members could keep up with him for even a few days even though most of us were half his age! She was with Father 24/7 for five decades! How impossibly challenging and frustrating that must have been at times, but she succeeded where Father's previous two wives failed. 
Despite all the victories that she made together with Father, there were two more tasks that she had to complete: 1) Honoring the words and covenants of her husband after his ascension to spirit world, and 2) Upholding the lineage by giving her blessing to the youngest son and his wife, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim, whom she and Father crowned three times in very moving, heartfelt public ceremonies[1], thus upholding theJune, 5, 2010 declaration.[2]
TF pray- inherit kingship
Few members know that despite previous declarations of Mother's victories as "True Mother," Father expressed concern that Mother might not be able to complete these two tasks because she was not yet in the direct dominion of God.[3],[4] Of course, even considering the possibility that Mother could fail in her responsibility is a disturbing and shocking thought. That is why I'm not surprised when I receive angry emails from some brothers and sisters.
That Mother, after so much sacrifice over many decades, is choosing to exalt her own "sinless" Han lineage over Father's,[5] thereby dividing the True Parents' lineage, and claiming that she did not need to meet Father to be restored, is a painful reality that I will grieve over as long as I live.[6]
In fact, she has done the opposite of what Father requested, when he said: "I put Mother in that position and she must attend to me as I did to the God of Night. She is like my physical body. Even if Mother goes up to that position (of the God of Day) she must know that there is the God of Night upon her. She, putting me on the top of the God of Day, must be able to attend to me as the God of Night. When it is done, everything is fully finished. If Mother does not know this, I will not go to that position."4
Why would Mother not lift up Father and his lineage in the way he clearly wanted? It is well known that she put a lot of trust in spiritualists, most especially Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim (Hoon Mo Nim), and still does to this day.  
Father directed Hyo Nam Kim in 1998 to end her work as a medium in Cheongpyeong,in a statement that is not included in the new Cheon Seong Gyeong: "Kim Hyo-Nam! You have to make a training center like Cheongpyeong in each continent...If you fail to do that, I will drive you out of Cheongpyeong. Hoon-mo nim should stop doing this work herself..."[7] Our community has a long history of mediums who started out well and ended up giving questionable or even negative influences.  
You may ask, "if it were true that, at this late hour, Mother has failed, then what about her position in 'True Parents'? After all, without Mother, how can there be True Parents?" Obviously, that is a most serious question!
Do you not think that God is capable of providing an alternative offering, as He did in the case of the completion of His providence through the three generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? After all, does it not say in the Divine Principle, "Since God predestines His Will absolutely, if the person who has been chosen to accomplish His will fails, God must continue to carry on His providence until its fulfillment, even though it may require Him to choose another person to shoulder the mission."[8] and in the Bible, "I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass. I have purposed, and I will do it."[9]
Hjn-Ynh Cpl pray
Even though Unification Church "palaces" and assets probably total in the billions, they are just a heap of trash when compared with the value of Father's words and lineage. I've known many wonderful brothers and sisters from over four decades of my membership in the church, but if forced to choose, I'll choose the spiritually dedicated son and his wife whom Father declared to be True Parents' "representative body" and heir. After all, who are we to question his judgment?
While waiting to understand how Heavenly Father is resolving this unprecedented situation, I'll skip the "mansions" and "palaces" on the earth and in the spirit world, and settle for a cardboard shack, or a modest church in Pennsylvania, as long as God's spirit is there. All of us, men or women, find our true value, not in power or in positions, but in exalting the word and will of God, as Father showed us throughout his incredible life, and in his final prayer on August 13, 2012, "Today, as I have returned the conclusion of the final perfection to You, Father, I know that up to this moment, I have offered my whole life to You. I am spending this time now to bring my life to its conclusion, to bring it to a close with utmost devotion, in accordance with Your Will... I have accomplished everything for this. I have completed everything. Aju!"[10] 

[1] "Thinking of this beautiful young man and woman standing here, representing Korea, the world, and furthermore the cosmos, they are the ones whom you can take pride in. They will become the pillars of our house in the future. It is my hope and wish that the dutiful way of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters will be fulfilled in relation to them. With that hope and wish, I, as a parent, am looking upon them with a heart full of anticipation that surpasses yours. So I fervently and earnestly hope that you will offer your support so that such intentions can be quickly fulfilled. Aju." Hyung Jin Nim Inauguration Ceremony 4/13/2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuu04vx5cnY
[2] "Moreover, the command center of cosmic peace and unity is the absolute and unique command center. Its representative and heir is Hyung Jin Moon. Anybody else [who claims such a position] would be a heretic and one who brings things to destruction." Sun Myung Moon June 5, 2010 Declaration, http://tparents.org/moon-talks/hyungjinmoon-10/HyungJinMoon-100712.htm
[3] "Mother must now perfect herself by June 16, 2013." Sun Myung Moon, "Nature renders judgment to you," May 11, 2007. http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon07/SunMyungMoon-070511.htm
[4] "The Substantial God / God incarnate attends to the God of Night. I put Mother in that position and she must attend to me as I did to the God of Night. She is like my physical body. Even if Mother goes up to that position (of the God of Day) she must know that there is the God of Night upon her. She, putting me on the top of the God of Day, must be able to attend to me as the God of Night. When it is done, everything is fully finished. If Mother does not know this, I will not go to that position."    Sun Myung Moon, "The internal and external God are not separate entities," April 12, 2011,http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon11/SunMyungMoon-110412.htm
[5] "The process of changing the lineage occurred while I was in my mother's womb. This is something you have to believe...The moment when True Father succeeded Jesus' mission, when Jesus appeared to him this qualified True Father as God's only begotten son. Do you understand? This is something you have to know." True Mother's "A Time to be United, Inside and Out" speech, July 1, 2014http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/HakJaHanMoon-14/HakJaHan-140701a.pdf
[6] So will all the victorious women grieve in providential history who risked their lives to support the messianic lineage.
[7] Cheong Syeong Geong, Book 6 "Our Life and the Spirit Realm," p. 974.
[8] Exposition of the Divine Principle, Chapter 6: Predestination, p. 156.
[9] Isaiah 46:11.
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