America: Forerunner to Kingdom of Heaven
He shall rule them with a rod of iron... And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Rev. 19: 13-16

I cannot afford to leave the world as it is, destined to more suffering. I must leave behind a world that is being resurrected.
God's Will and the World, p.362
After an overview of "The 3 Generations Kingship," the 3.5 years after the passing of the Lord of the 2nd Advent, that Hyung Jin Nim asked me to present, in Sunday's sermon on "The Kingdom of Righteousness" he discussed how God prepared America in so many ways as a forerunner of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Its constitution provided for more freedoms than almost nation in the world, with limits on the power of government, with unprecedented freedom to raise your family, start a business and worship God as you wished. Instead of making 30 cents an hour, as many did in your home country, you could make 30 or 40 or 400 times that amount.  
          America was at top of the growth stage, 
  but with a potential to fall.

The original sin of America was that of slavery. Because of slavery, the need for amendments to fix that made the way for other amendments for unconstitutional powers like the federal income tax, federal reserve system, etc., with poisonous consequences of uncontrolled debt spending and growing influence of big banks.
     Government increasingly promises cradle to grave support, with strings attached that drag down your spirit and lineage, making it increasingly unlikely that your family and community will be able to fulfill the 3 Blessings.  In contrast, in the Constitution of CIG, slavery is not allowed and neither are amendments to the national constitution, preventing God's laws from being changed and the national government from grabbing more and more powers, while offering socialist entitlements in return for loss of freedom that would corrupt succeeding generations.
       Every generation has to learn freedom and responsibility. Practicing the virtues of honesty, morality, keeping your promises and contracts, serving your customers will lead to success. There are no federalized standing armies. Having a "Peace Police" means YOU and I take care of our families and neighbors.
      Jesus spoke about the upside-down kingdom. Loving your enemy makes no sense in a socialist system, which is based on envy, class hatred and the class warfare that Marx called for. In a free enterprise system you have competition, which brings out the strongest and the best in you. In a truly free market, you love your opponents and competitors because they force you to make better products to serve your customers better. In a socialist system, government connections are more important than providing good service.
イエス様は、常識を超えた王国について話されました。 敵を愛するという言葉は、社会主義の社会では全く意味のない言葉です。 そこは、マルクスによれば、ねたみや階級間の恨みや階級闘争を土台としている社会です。 自由社会では、あなたの最も得意なものを引き出す競争があります。 本当の自由市場では、あなたは競争相手を愛します。 なぜなら、競争相手は、あなたがお客さんにより良く奉仕するために、あなたにより良い製品を作らせるからです。社会主義制度では、政府との関係をつくることが、良いサービスを供給するより重要なことです。
      True Father took Mother to the top of the growth stage. Perfection required free will to choose between good and evil. Someone cannot do it on your behalf.
For the first time she had to make a key providential decision by herself, to choose between good and evil. Will she choose worship of herself or worship of God?

She had to use her free will, thinking "even though I can have all this power and authority, because of my love for the Messiah and his lineage" I will offer that desire up. Most mothers cannot understand how strong is the temptation of elite power. Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the desert after his 40 day fast, "I will give you all the kingdoms of this world if you will bow down to me!"
Mother screamed, "I have ABSOLUTE POWER!" Everyone on the second floor in the palace could hear. Which covenant do you choose? One decision determines everything...



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